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Name:Carlos Olivera
Birthdate:May 22
Carlos is a character borrowed from Capcom's RE series in the film trilogy. His origins in the movie closely follow his in-game background; a soldier-for-hire, part of the Umbrella corporation's tactical response to the viral outbreak in Raccoon City. His age in the films differs rather dramatically from his game incarnation, however--he is a rather seasoned veteran mercenary as opposed to a somewhat still wide-eyed youth in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

He is swept up in the fight against Umbrella along with S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine and biological experiment Alice, leading him to abandon the corporation in an attempt to expose the company's wrongdoing after escape from the quarantined Raccoon City. His relationship with Valentine is ambiguous(as it is in the game); there is a hinted-at but not extrapolated-upon attraction, as the two are separated between the events of RE: Apocalypse and RE: Extinction.

Come the events of RE: Extinction, he and fellow survivor L.J. have become part of a convoy of nomads led by series favorite Claire Redfield, moving from town to town in an effort to survive the planet full of undead the world has become. As the convoy is overrun by a flock of virus-infected crows, Alice arrives just in time to save the group and she and Carlos are reunited. There is a definite unspoken affection between the two, leaving one to wonder if perhaps Carlos simply has this effect on the female gender, as there is also a very friendly camaraderie shared with Redfield as well.

After helping Alice convince Claire to take the convoy north to Alaska where evidence points to possible sanctuary from the viral wastelands, Carlos valiantly sacrifices his life storming a desert compound occupied by Umbrella. The resulting chaos allows Claire and the remaining survivors to board a helicopter and escape, as well as giving Alice a chance to infiltrate the underground installation where she discovers her genetic material can be used to cure the T-virus plague for good.

He got out, didn't blow up but was hurt, and was given a cure for the virus. So no he's not a zombie, and he won't nom on anyone.

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